Thursday, June 9, 2011

A More ... Appropriate Explanation

Hey Gang,

So remember how I said I was leaving? Yeah, I have until next Friday until my white ship sails on the elven sea of adventure! Who knows where it will take me; Star Wars: The Old Republic? World of Warcraft? Playstation, Xbox, or Wii games? Only time will tell...

But for now, I'd like to talk to you with the such small time I have left ... while my life force is still burning, though dimly, throughout the Spiral.

So I'd like to take a bit of my time to give a bit more appropriate explanation as to why I am taking my leave from the Spiral. While the recent drama that's been going on made me pack my bags twice as fast, there's also another factor that made me start packing and planning in the first place. It happened sometime near where the Sultan's Palace hit the Spiral. The thing is though, it hit me too, hard even. I realized that through always trying to get more and more, I was getting bloated.

Does that make any sense?

Ok, maybe this is a better explanation: So you're mom calls you down to eat, and you're really starving. The food smells amazing, and you just can't wait to get down there and fill your stomach right up! You finish at least two or three platefuls of food in less five minutes when suddenly you feel like you're going to explode. You simply can't eat anymore, and the pure thought of food makes you want to dash for the bathroom.

Now, let my try again; when all this new stuff started coming out like the Sultan's Palace and the newly released Dragon Rider Packs, I couldn't get enough. I just wanted more and more and more and more. Finally, though I realized that, with less and less space available in my house with all these new items, there was less and less room for my life force of the Spiral to shine through. The new things smothered me and my active attitude in the Spiral. It put it out like a light.

Things like this made my fire dimmer:

So I recently made a decision to drop all these Spiral possessions and to travel on to see all (or a lot of) what the cyber world has to offer me. I needed to give my fire more room to breathe instead of bloating it with items. The drama only made me realize this and recognize. Do you see what I mean? Is it making sense?

Again, I'm sorry if me talking about my trip away makes you sad. If it doesn't, then awesome; good for you. But to the people who are feeling sad about my departure, I'm sure the elves will let me stop by every once in a while to say hi to all my old friends. Plus, I'll still have my Twitter. On Saturday, June 18th, it's changing from @LukeGoldHorn to @PVenuti, so I'll you'll have to do is tweet at me there.

There's also one more thing I'd like to talk about, and this is a happier subject! The prizes of my contest have been altered a tad bit! You can click here to view them on the official entry post. Don't forget to enter the two contests; there are only 5 spots remaining for the PvP Tourney and only 7 wizards entered for the Featured Wizards Contest, so don't forget to enter those if you haven't already!

See ya in the next week,


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