Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Farewell Address

Hey Gang,

So yesterday I woke up did my little thing I've been doing in Wizard101 recently; Gardening. I started Gardening again (I stopped in February ever since I became GrandMaster Gardener), so it's one of the first things I try to do in the morning. After that I continued on to blogging and checking out other blogger's post, when I stumbled upon this post on Fin and Quinn's site (the actual article linked was written by Quinn).

To give you the deets, it's basically Quinn's opinion on what KingsIsle is doing with the whole Official Bloggers Club and being Famous and stuff. Honestly, I give major points to him. Do you have any idea how much I just wanted to rant about KingsIsle being stupid and doing this? The answer is ever since it happened. I am glad that they updated their site to say that they aren't accepting instead of just flat out denying you with no reason. So they don't want any submissions right now; big deal? What I'm mad about is KingsIsle and their judgement calls, and I'v actually found that most of my current anger is being channeled at a few wizards in the community. I wont say who though; in fact, for the people that checked out the comments of the post, you can probably guess who two of them are.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. I'll continue with my story: So I read this post thinking, "Oh my gosh, that was so brave. Kudos to Quinn!" It was then I got to the comments. Someone, who is an official blogger, started going off about how Quinn doesn't know about the work it takes to be an official blogger and how it was just for promotion. When I saw this, all that was going through my mind was, "...the nerve of this person ..." So I responded their comment, saying how:

1. It's hard for an Official Blogger to understand an Indie Blogger's point of view (What I mean by an Indie Blogger is a blogger who is great but isn't recognized by KingsIsle, like the Mainstream Bloggers are. Yes, these do exist. The terms "Official Blogger" and "Unofficial Blogger" can be substituted with 'Mainstream" and "Indie" without any lack of clarity or truth, however this isn't always the case.). This is especially true with the Official Bloggers who have been around for quite some time. Some of the bloggers who are official were just lucky enough to have an ok blog that was submitted just in time before KingsIsle stopped receiving blogs that had any association with free sites. It's hard for them to understand the frustration and the point of view that an Indie Blogger has with this situation when you've been official for around two years.

2. KingsIsle doesn't need the extra advertisement from every single blogger in the Official Bloggers Club. Putting it on the launcher (which they have already done) is just fine. If you think about it, no one who doesn't play Wizard101 is going to go on a Wizard101 Official Blog. So, in theory, if you're advertising a game for your product via an Official Blog, only people who are involved with the community will see the advertisement will actually see the endorsement. Now putting it on the launcher and maybe giving it to the bloggers/fansites that not only are popular but also stick to the rules will open your audience up to tons of more people because everyone who plays the game checks the launcher. You have to in order to log into the game. If KingsIsle is aiming to target new customers with this giftcard, then they need to make a Television Advertisement for this. Do you see where I'm getting at?

3. Just because people are upset that they didn't get free stuff doesn't mean they're jealous. Jealousy: Resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself(Resource: This is not what me or a ton of other people were feeling when we were angry about what KingsIsle was doing. In fact, to be honest, I don't care if people got the codes for the free stuff (and yes, I know they didn't get the crowns). Heck, I got it before any of them, so I honestly simply don't care. What I and others are mad about is that KingsIsle is depriving blogs that are worthy of being "Official". Which brings me to my next topic...

4. There are blogs out there that are Official and simply don't deserve it. I see tons of blogs that are official that constantly post about real life occurrences. Some of them aren't even about gaming. Honestly, I don't even mind when someone posts about other games. But this is your Wizard101 blog. Post about Wizard101 things. I came to the site for Wizard101 info, not what happened in band or school or glee club. If you wanna blog about your real life, please make a separate blog for that. If you're worried that you wont get many views, than let your fans know that you have another blog that talks about your real life and to drop by if they're interested.

5. The hypocrisy level anymore is just unbearable. I hate it when people say things like, "Take the venom out of that post!" yet they sit there and continue to be just down-right-fierce (sorry, had to make some comic relief! For those that don't know what I just referenced, Google "Down-Right-Fierce".) with me. If you don't want me to be mean and angry, firing mean and angry at me only causes rage. Need it in equation form? Mean and Angry + Mean and Angry -> Rage.

6. I can't take the amount of ignorance in the community anymore. At least three people were talking about me indirectly. You know I follow you on Twitter. You know I read your blogs. I see the comments you're making about me. Don't try to be indirect just because it doesnt make you look as bad by calling someone out. If you have a problem with something I've done or said, say so to my face. It's much more respectful, believe it or not. It just angers me how it's so hard for people to say something bad about someone to their face, so they decide to attempt (and fail) to talk about me behind their backs. I understand the whole "Don't say bad things," quote, but everyone gets mad at people sometimes, and when that happens it's just best to talk it out with them. I'm not an unreasonable person; heck, yesterday I was forced on Twitter to apologize. I honestly didn't have a choice because people kept harassing me to apologize to Kestrel ShadowThistle. So you know what? I did. I was extremely upset, because apparently, in Kestrel's words, I was cyber-bullying. See how I'm saying her name instead of saying, "Someone,"? Yeah, that's what you're supposed to do.

Again, I've linked the post, so if you'd like to see the actual comment, click there and check it out. That was more of a summary of what exactly I was saying.

So I've made a decision. It's a decision I've not only thought long and hard about, but also a decision I've made before. I've decided I'm taking a break from Wizard101. There. I said it. Notice I did not say quit, because I know I'll be coming back sometime soon. I feel that Wizard101 has lost the charm it had two years ago, and it's time I've switched another game into my Main Game slot. I'm gonna try to get back into World of Warcraft (if I get the GameStop job) and in the fall Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Yes, the Wizaversary party is still on. However, that night will be the last night anyone sees me online in the game for quite a while. So the party will also be a sort of "Farewell Party" as well. I will also be in-game online here and there up to that point as well as blogging at least weekly until then, so you can expect at least another two posts from me. The only thing that could really get me to stay is the announcement of a new expansion or something along those lines. Something new.

I hope the people who caused this are happy. You know who you are. There are so many people that, I'm afraid if I tried to list them, I'd miss a few. So I'll leave it up to yourselves to figure it out. I hope you've gotten so much joy from burning the bridge of mine that was an escape from reality. I hope you're happy that you ruined one of the few things that brings me joy anymore. I hope you're happy that you made a lot kid trying to find his way along life a confused pile of poo. *clap*...*clap*...*clap*. Bravo.

That's really all I have to say right now. Feel free to bash me all you'd like in the comments, as nothing stops you from doing so on other's sites, which includes twitter.


***EDIT: My comment has been delted because apparently it was hurtful. Figures...***


  1. I think he deleted ALL the comments... Not just yours. but then again, I don't have his blog in my bookmarks so I wouldn't know xD

  2. A break well deserved. I'm sorry for everyone back-lashing at you. Hope to see you around! ;)

  3. I have to say thx for taking a stand and telling people what you really think

  4. *clamps onto leg and plants self on the floor*
    Luke. Think a minuite.
    Those people are just a few people. Because heck, I think that you're completely right. So is Quinn. I get it that some people would like to defend themselves, but..
    This is all a matter of freaking opinion. Why are we arguing over that?
    Just, hold on. If you need to, take another break. And remember, these are just a few people.. there's tons of people here, including me and Mary and Jazz and Kevin and them who care.
    Now I gotta end this cause I'm at school and she wants us to shut our computers down..

  5. Aw don't leave :(

    Anyways, had to delete the comment because people saw it as "rude" and "offensive", and getting angry at ------------ wouldn't really have anything to do with the post :\.

    It was also kinda spawning lots of hate on my blog. Against you. For speaking your opinion. Things were going to get even more messy if I didn't step in, even though all your points were valid.

    Lastly: Amber has the right idea.