Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PvP Tourney Match-Ups!

Hey Gang,

Very short post, but I just wanted to inform you on who will be facing who in the PvP Tourney! Please not that these were not personally hand-picked, but were randomly selected via www.random.org. Here we are:

Arena One (Hosted by Panglou): Nicholas DawnStider V.S. Michael FireBlade

Arena Two (Hosted by Cassandra GriffinDreamer): Abigail DawnPetal V.S. Blaze ShadowHorn

Arena Three (Hosted by me, Luke GoldHorn): Jasmine Smith V.S. Ben FrogStone

Arena Four (Hosted by Blaine StormMender): Isaac StormFlame V.S. Blaine StormMender

I'm REALLY Excited to see what comes of this Tourney! If you'd like to view a specific battle, don't worry; I'll have port buses at each of the locations.

Be sure to look out around noon tomorrow for the post of the winners of the Randomly Selected Featured Wizard!


P.S: My REAL Wizaversary is tomorrow! YAY! :)


  1. ELITE VS BEN FROGSTONE!!!! That will be interesting to watch lol...

    And what does the "hosted by" mean?


  2. Are the times/dates going to be annonced a t a later date.