Monday, August 16, 2010

A 5th GrandMaster in my Grasp!

Hey Everyone!

Soooooo, Diana is officially grand! W00t! She is also my earliest wizard to turn grand (she dinged 50 at Castamir after hatching her dragon). I think its cause she did the Lab several times! xD

Anyway, so I'll be updating the Header soon. "What's your next project?", you may be asking. Next, I'll be leveling up my Death Wizard, Gilroy SkullFlame, with a buddy of his, Valdus GoldHorn (If you don't remember my previous post about me getting a new account, Valdus is my Ice wizard, as well as my main character on my 2nd account). So I'm looking forward to both Ice and Death Magic.

Also, I've been hearing some rumors lately, so I want you guys, the viewers, to tell me what you think. I've been hearing that Celestia will be out sometime between the 23rd and September 1st! Any news on this? See ya in the Spiral,


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