Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Magus Life Wizard, Added To My Arsenal!

Hey Everyone,

So the big news for me is that late last night, Diana finished Big Ben with her BFFL, Ryan StormCaller! WOO! Guiding Light (well, now 2 Guiding Lights) should definatley help with healing.

Diana is currently level 32 and 7 bars, so I can assure you she'll be getting Centaur later on today. Woot! :D

Anyway, there is some news that a ton of people have been freaking out about, and that's been over this:

The article can be found here. This is the August News Letter for Wizard101. A new producer started to talk a bit about KI and Celestia! I CAN'T WAIT! So, it looks like the top is a mount, the bottom left is a pet (hence the collar and the writing that says "Pet Version"), and a PvE. I would love to have a shark pet, floating in mid air, let alone a floating shark mount! :D My question: Is this a balance shark? Hehehe. Go check it out for yourself! ;)

Ok, thats about it. I'll see you soon,


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