Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guide for Life Gear

Hey Everyone,

So I want to share some advice that I think can make a very good Life wizard. This guide goes for everyone around level 15-20, and goes all the way to 50. You ready? Let's go!

I'm not going to go into specifics, but there are 3 things in gear you want to look for: Health, Power Pips, and Damage. Now, if you can find it, I do recommend also getting health in there as well, but sometimes that option isn't always available. So, why leave out defense? Defense against Life attacks isn't too important, especially because you can heal yourself. Power pips are very good, and you'll need attack boosts to help you get that annoying PvE over with. SO, look for attack boosts and power pip percentage boosts.

That piece of advice goes for your Hats, Boots, and Robes. Now for your deck. I ALWAYS say go with a school specific deck, because you can put more school specific spells in there. However, if you're looking for more cards in general, I suggest you get an all class deck.

As far as athames and rings go, I suggest getting a ring that gives health or mana and also gives outgoing health or incoming health. The other piece of gear should have the opposite stats (So, say you got a ring with health and outgoing, your athame should give mana and ingoing).

Wands? I say, for those that can, stick with the Staff that gives a pip until, 25, get the hammer that gives a power pip, then at level 40 switch over to the Mooshu swords if you have them. For those that don't have the ability to buy those two first items with crowns, I suggest getting one life staff/wand, and one death staff/wand, however, the Death enemies don't cast life shield that often. Remember, you can start getting a pip at level 30.

Ok, that's pretty much it! Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you guys later,


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