Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GenCon and Almighty Unicorn...

Hey Everyone,

Well, for my regular readers, you know I don't really post on weekends, but I had two interesting topics to talk about:

1. GenCon: I didn't get to go myself, but from the comments KI is getting, it seems like it was a blast, and the W101 stand was HOT!!! I really wish I could have met Jeff, the Doodle Drawer! I would have LOVED a doodle of Luke GoldHorn, my main wizard. Congrats to those that got to go, and I hear that they also got codes for 2,500 crowns as well as an Evil Storm-man pet, so congrats for that as well.

2. The Almighty Unicorn: Ok, so Mike wanted to know How I got Unicorn to about 900. First, I'd like to go over gear stats:

See, my Life wizard is Level 45, so she is currently wearing Malistare Drake's Ruby Singet (gives 15% outgoing, 10% power pips, and 188 health), and she has an athame called Athame of Perseverance (Which gives 135 Mana and 13% incoming). This way, not only do I get a fair amount of health and mana, I also get increased healing power. so, say if I heal myself with a Pixie, I'm healing 420, plus 28% added to that.

Ok, so now lets look spell wise: Diana is wearing a Troll Ear Pendant, which gives a plus 40% Guiding Light. Now, When you're attacking or healing, the weaker blades come first. So, if you put a regular Guiding Light on (Plus 30%), then the powered up Guiding Light (Plus 40%). Then you put up a Sanctuary, which gives plus 50% to healing, use a unicorn and BOOM! Instant 900-1000 heal with a 275 healing spell. Thanks for the interest, Mike! :D

Ok, that's all for today. Remember, feel free to ask me any questions! Have a nice weekend!


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