Friday, August 6, 2010

What I Really Mean Is...

Hey Everyone,

So, I haven't blogged in a while, and sorry this is so late at night, but I was just checking my emails, and I found an email from a person that has read my blog. I don't remember the dude's name, and even if I did I wouldn't share it, cause it'd be wrong. Anyway, he emailed me regarding power-leveling. I have something to say about this:

See, I'm not going to flip out. In fact, I'm not even angry about it. I just want everyone to understand that that's not what I mean by saying "give me a call and I'll come help you out". What I mean when I say that is something like a question about the game, or a small little thing like a boss battle. Like I said, I'm not angry at all; I just wanted everyone to know what my help is for. I do appreciate though that he took the time to email me, so thanks :).

Anyway, on to other news. I finally have a Master Theurgist! After hours and hours of train, Diana GoldHorn and her BFFL, Ryan RainCaller, have reached the titles of Masters! Diana got Dryad at level 38, and now she is wearing her Tomugawa's Onyx Blade. She also have a Life hat from the Defiler. She is currently in Kishibe Village.

On another note, I have created a new account! Woo! I'll read of the names to you...

Main Character: Valdus GoldHorn, Level 1 Thaumaturge
Alternative One: Amber Drake, Level 1 Pyromancer
Alternative Two: Madeline GoldHorn, Level 1 Sorcerer
Alternative Three: Myrna GoldHorn, Level 1 Diviner
Alternative Four: Erica GoldHorn, Level 1 Necromancer
Alternative Five: Alejandro Drake, Level 1 Theurgist

Those are the "new" contestants. I've decided to make this account mostly girls, since my other account has mostly guys. I'm really looking forward to trying out Ice and Fire (again, hehe), but first Gilroy has to come. By the way, do you guys like the name Alejandro? Lol, I got it from a cartoon series Total Drama World Tour, its a funny cartoon reality shoe (which you should defiantly check out; my favorite contestant is Trent, but since he's not in this season, I'm routing for Noah). See y'all later,


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