Saturday, September 25, 2010

6 GrandMasters!!!!

Hey Everyone,

So the title says it all: 6 GRANDMASTERS!!!! Can anyone guess which class I have added to the hall of W101 Fame? Anyone? Was it Valdus? Was it Gilroy? If you guessed Valdus, well, you were right.


Gilroy is officially a Grandmaster Necromancer!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! If you check out the header, you'll notice that I officially have all my seats filled with GMs :)

Also, my Helephant, Madame Jack, has reached Epic!!!! Now see, She's given me all good stats this whole way (She gives +6% Fire attack, and +10% Power pips), so I was very excited to see what amazing talent she'd give next. My two guesses were either Giving Fire accuracy (when I mixed Madame Jack with a defender pig, the defender pig got fire accuracy) or the "May cast fire blade" talent (because my Archfiend, when I was training it, acquired that talent). So yesterday, when I'm finished my last game, I'm sitting here so excied about what she might give next. Wanna guess what she gives? Anyone?


Do we have a team accuracy and a team blade? xD


If you guessed the Spirited talent, you were right. Wait ... what? Yep, that's right, the spirit talent -_- . It gives +50 to the pets power. Now see, I would have rather had blade or accuracy, trust me, but this talent actually ain't so bad. If I max out Madame Jack's power again, her other stats could grow, meaning I could have maybe 11% power pips, or 7% accuracy.

So yeah, that's why I haven't really be blogging lately; so much to do.

SO, that's all for today, see you another time,


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  1. WOW thnx for the info my stormzilla just reached ancient and got that i thoguht it was useless! well thnx :)