Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Hey Guys,

So I just wanted to say Happy Labor Day to all of y'all and just get you up to date on whats been going on, as well as give you a tip about W101. So, let's get started:

1. What I've been doing in-game: So recently I've been working on Valdus GoldHorn (my Ice wizard) and Gilroy SkullFlame (my Death wizard), as I last posted. Some of you may know that after I train these two wizards, I will have a grandmaster of each school! Splee! Maybe I'll throw an "Ultimate GrandMaster" party or something. I'll plan it later on. Anyway, Gilroy and Valdus are currently level 46. They are fresh out of the Grand Chasm, and are hyped for the Necropolis. WOO!

2. News: Well, there are three things going on at the moment, (Well, besides waiting for Celestia). One would be W101's birthday. HAPPY 2nd BIRHTDAY W101!!!!!! Can you believe for 2 years now, wizards have been casting spells in the Spiral? Anyways, we also have two press announcements; one about W101 as a company and one about in-game stuff. Let's start with company news, since it's not as long. W101 will be expanding to EUROPE! Oui, my friends, we will be playing with those Euros soon enough! Anyway, time for some in-game news! It was announced that new pre-celestia quests will be coming out later this month, with a CELEBRITY?!?!?! *GASP*, Who could it be?!?! My guess? The iCarly crew. But that's just me. Some other unrelated notes are lower dying and auction prices, which is good to hear! Woo!

3. Tip: Here's a tip for people looking for the stone roses in DragonSpyre: Now next to GH's Yardbirds, the stone roses are the hardest to find (well, for the first time that is). For those in DS for their first time, one of the hardest stone roses to find is the Grand Chasm. Here's a hint to find it: Try using temporal magic (go back in time). Who knows what you'll find!!

Ok, thats all for today. Now go enjoy yourselves! PEACE!


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