Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wee! We Gots a Question!

Hey Everyone,

So, I really wanna thank Blaze for really taking an interest in my blog. Your awesome dude! Anyway I have to make this quick, over the next month my computer time is being cut down to an hour each day, including homework (and sometimes I won't even have an hour) *gulp*, so if it take me a while to mod a comment or post, sorry about that. Now, back to Blaze's question: How to make the best experience as a Fire Wizard!

Well, I tend to find that it's easy to use the damage over time aspect of Fire, what with heck hound and link, until about level 33, when you get phoenix. This spell truly is powered on awesomesauce (Luke still has some in his deck). This will become your main spell through most of Mooshu (until you get Helephant at 42, which is usually at the end of MS). This is also right around the time when you have to change from the DOT effect to the regular "Just take them down in one hit" effect.

Helephant is also another good spell (At 38, you get smokescreen, which isn't an attack spell). Its basically a better version of Phoenix. Now, once you get to 48, you get Fire Dragon, which, call me one-sided, but is my favorite and what I think is the best 48 spell in-game. Take it from me; I have 5 grandmasters and two level 46's. Now don't get me wrong, I like Storm Lord or Scarecrow as much as the next wizard, but Fire Dragon not only can do a decent first hit of damage, but that DOT is AMAZING. You have no idea how many times that thing has saved my life.

Basically, Fire is my favorite school, and I hope many people try the school out for size. Many believe that the fire school is weak, but trust me, Fire wizards can be great wizards. I'll see you in the Spiral,


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  1. I too like being a Pyromancer, I also have a few other grandmasters, but as you said my favorite detail in the fire aspect is the DoT strategy. Wouldn't be a warlord with full gear with out it :). -Gabriel FireBreeze