Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hey Guys,

So before I post today, I just want to reply to Balze's comment. The spells weren't in the test realm (or at least I don't think O. O). Just wanted to give a little heads up.

Anyways, so you, sigh isn't a bad thing; I'm just tired. ... -_-

Also, before I post about W101, I wanna ask if there are any fans of TD (The Total Drama Series)? I am personally, and at my house we're gathering a whole bunch a friends, and we're going to do challenges and having a fire with marshmellows and stuff, so if you'd like to hear about it, ask me, and I'll make a post on it. It's next Friday, and we're calling it Total Drama Horror. The first season, Total Drama Island, can be found here.

Anyways, lets move on to wizarding...what do I have to talk about today...hmmm...


I can't find anything. I'm too tired sorry guys. See ya soon,


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  1. Thanks for the follow up to my question.

    Hmmm...sounds like you need some motivation or inspiration for blog topics this weekend, so let me throw this out:

    I've played death, storm, and balance but am working on my first pyromancer. Since the low life and high damage of storm led me to a style of doing damage quickly and getting out ASAP, I've had to really force myself to embrace the damage-over-time nature of many fire spells, especially given the relatively low health of the school. Today I looked at my deck and noticed I'd once again drifted away from it. Nothing but the typical blades, traps, and damage-all-at-once spells. Determined to make the most of the fire experience (after all, that's why we try different schools, right?) I took out the immolates and, put in wyldfire, some elves, and a heckhound and tried to once again embrace my inner pyromancer and not completely avoid the DOT spells.

    Obviously fire school has both types of spells and therefore flexibility in playing style and strategy, but I thought I'd ask what you think and what approach you've tended to take with your pyromancer. And, did it change as you worked through the game?