Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So You Wanna Be A Farmer?

Hey Everyone!

WOW! 90 posts! Oh my goodness! It feels like it's only been since yesterday! Ok, today I want to talk about farming. Now, I mix pets on a daily basis. My most recent attempt was with a Satyr and a Colossus (which, by the way, failed :( ). People tend to ask me, "P.D, how do you have the gold for that?!?!?!" Well I want to share my strategy with YOU!!!!!

Ok, so, here is the baiscs on what you will need:

1. A Grandmaster Diviner (Or level 48 is fine as well) (This could be you or a friend)

2. Someone who knows the spells Feint and Elemental Blades (This could also be you or a friend).

3. About an hour or so of time.

4. Access to Oyotomi.

****NOTE: You need AT LEAST two people for this strategy to work but NO GREATER than four wizards :) ****

Ok, now, lets move on to how you actually farm:

Get to Oyotomi. Are you there? Good! Now, get your Diviner to make an empty deck (this can be a totally new deck of cards or an old one; just make sure you're fine with making it again). Now, the Diviner should have no cards in their deck. Hopefully, your Diviner has their Stormzila pet on, and hopefully they are wearing their Level 50 robe (if they aren't wearing the robe, it's not a problem, however, they will at least need the Stormzilla necklace or pet). Make sure they have a wand that gives +1 pip in the begining of each battle. Also, if you are NOT getting your Stormzilla from your necklace, take off your necklace! Now, in your deck, you will put 6 Stormblades and 1 Triton. If you get a Triton from your robe, DO NOT put this Triton in your deck. So, the Storm's deck should consist of:

(6) Storm Blade(s)
(1) Triton(s)
(x amount of) Wand Spells
(1) Stormzilla(s)

Now, have everyone who is tagging along teleport. Now, the person/people who will be responsible for placing down the Feints and the Elemental blades will also need empty decks, and will also fill up their decks with as many Feints and Elemental Blades as possible. Now, I really recomend an Ice wizard be here, so that he can go first (tank) and take all the damage (because he has the most health and the best defense). If you get all the right pips and cars, you should be able to kill Oyotomi in 2 rounds.

"Are you mad, P.D?!?!"

No, I'm not! This REALLY works. My estimate income is 10k in about 12 minutes, so if you farm him for about an hour (60 minutes), you SHOULD have enough to mix!

And remeber, you want AUCTIONABLE ITEMS, meaning that YOU CAN sell them at the bazaar! No auction items = no good (well, unless you wanted/ needed that certain item).

I hope this helps everyone, and I will see you in the Spiral!



  1. I do the same thing with my grand, Mycin, although I'm taking a little break from hatching ;D. Thanks, even though I do this a lot!

  2. Another great post and great timing. My family and I just starting to get interested in farming and are still looking for the right place and strategy. The Ravens were fun for a round or two but left a bad taste in our mouths after an extended battle yielded only no-auction items. Boulderbones is quick and easy, but I'm not seeing great drops yet. We haven't tried farming Oyotomi lately but since I have a Storm grand and my son has an Ice, this sounds like a great plan for us. Thanks for the post!

  3. I wanted to follow up and let everyone know that this strategy for Oyotomi works beautifully. I spent about three hours farming him with various friends and family and I now have my first tiger mount. Even my daughter's level 7 diviner contributed by casting accuracy charms on me.

    While the strategy P.D. describes above was optimal and usually wins in two rounds, we found lots of combinations that work within three rounds so don't hesitate to try it and tweak it to fit your needs.

    Thanks for sharing this! :-D