Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh My Gosh, Selena, Look At That Spell!

Hey Everyone,

So, I tried out the new quest in the test realm. My opinion? Well, it wasn't "amazing", but it was ok over all. It was pretty cool to hear irl music in W101. I'd have to say my favorite part was when the crabs were backup dancers for Selena Gomez. That was pretty funny, hehe.

See, what I really think I was more excited for was 1. the fact that I could swim, and 2. the 2 new spells seen:

1. Swiming: I have to say, I thought swiming was awesome. Great job on that KI., However, just a suggestion (hopefully within reason). Why not let, say, my horse swim to encourage mounts underwater? I guess that's what we'll be getting the Shark mount for. But then arises another question: Will the shark mount be water-environment(s) only? Would that also mean that there are more water areas to come?

2. New Spells: So the two new super awesome spells were a fire genie and Ra. Lets go over Ra first (he's my favorite out of the two). Now, who can tell me who/what Ra was? That's right, he was the Egyptian god of the Sun. So, what does this mean? Correct, it means that the Ra spell is most likely A Sun/Solar magic spell. If it is not, however, I'd say that the second best bet is Balance. Now, the Fire Genie! SQUEAL! I Personally think this is Fire's next big spell, and I must say, I LOVE it. Great job KI. If I had to take another guess, I'd say Solar/Sun Magic.

Tune in soon for more exciting updates!


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  1. I agree, the crab groomsmen as backup dancers were the highlight. Well, that and swimming with my wraith. (Anyone know how to get that wet wraith smell out of your dorm room?)

    I missed the new spells! Saw them on the blogosphere but missed them in-game. What was casting them?

    Blaze Deathcaster