Monday, September 27, 2010

Ultimate Grandmaster Status Reached!!!!

Hey everyone,

So, I HIT ULTIMATE GRANDMASTER STATUS!!!! Some of you may be like, "Um, is he crazed, or has he recently been eating a little too many Gummy Humongofrogs?" This is a word I made up for Wizard101. Definition of Ultimate Grandmaster Status: Having a Grandmaster wizard in each school!!! THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! Valdus, my Ice wizard, was my 7th GrandMaster, reached yesterday (Sunday, the 26th), so grats to Valdus.

Also, I've been working on some mixes lately! I recently got the Reaper mix on Gilroy (if you'd like to see pics of all the mixes, you can go here). Mixing is amazing. I also leveled my first pet to epic! EEEEE! Go Madame Jack!

Also, just a little tip before you leave. Most of you might have noticed that auctionable items sell for a ton more now on auction house. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Farm people like Oyotomi, Boris Blackrock, and even people like Kraysys, Yeva SpiderKeeper, and Viktor SnowCrusher! You'll get tons of gold fast(er).

Well, see ya in the Spiral,

P.D. (Ultimate GrandMaster :) )

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