Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Biggest Fan Contest.

Hey Everyone,

So I haven't really gotten the chance to play much. I've been so caught up in other things. SUCH AS THIS! KingsIsle is giving a LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP AWAY! O. O! No way! It's really hard to get though. There are three ways to getting it, and I decided on the second (although I really wish I could do the first!). I'm making a video to send in. When I got home, I made a rough draft video. Imma post it (along with the commentary, for it is needed):

"Hello Viewers! Recently, KingsIsle Entertainment, a gaming company, has released a contest for their game, Wizard101. The contest can be found here:


The contest requires the contestants to explain to KingsIsle entertainment why you are the biggest fan of Wizard101. Well, I KNOW I am the biggest fan of Wizard101. During this video, I will show you some footage that supports why I am the biggest fan of Wizard101. With each piece of footage, please refer to the commentary for details (since the video can only be 60 seconds long, I thought it might be a good idea to leave the explanations in the description). Here is the evidence:

First Piece of Footage -- My Characters (video): While leveling up a wizard from every school of magic is no easy task, I had a blast doing so. I now have 12 wizards in total, including 4 Legendary Wizards (Luke GoldHorn, Pyromancer; Mycin Stargem, Diviner; Noah GoldHorn, Conjurer; Valdus GoldHorn, Thaumaturge) and 3 GrandMaster Wizards (Patrick FrostHorn, Sorcerer; Diana GoldHorn, Theurgist; Gilroy SkullFlame, Necromancer). All of my characters are fully decked out in their Legendary or GrandMaster gear (depending on the level), and all of them have fully furnished housing as well. This is a great accomplishment that takes a vast amount of time.

Second Piece of Footage -- Wizard101 Posters (two pictures): Since the news release of Celestia, I have printed out posters of Wizard101 and posted them on the walls of my room (out of the Spiral of course). I have seven pictures of the following: Wizard City, Krokotopia, MarleyBone, The Hatchery, The Fire School Description, The Very First Celestia Picture (No silhouettes revealed), and lastly Grizzlehiem. Some of the posters (however not visable in the video) contain writing and notes on certain figures.

Third Piece of Footage -- Wizard101 Gift Cards (picture): As a die-hard fan of Wizard101, I have collected many gift cards for Wizard101. I have gotten two Epic Bundle Gift Cards (I actually gave the code on the back of one to a friend) as well as over 10 regular gift cards from places such as Rite Aid, Target, GameStop, etc.

Fourth Piece of Footage -- Two Epic Pets (two pictures): Over the course of my journeys, I have also taken the time to train my pets. I have trained many pets to many lengths, however I usually only train them to the Adult or Ancient phase of their lifetimes. I have trained two pets of mine to epic (my Helephant and my Fierce Hound), and I am proud to have reached such a goal.

Fifth Piece of Footage -- GrandMaster Gardener (picture): When the Gardening feature first came to the Spiral, I was very excited to try it out. I had a ton of fun with the new feature as I raised in the ranks to become one of the first wizards to reach GrandMaster Gardener.

Sixth Piece of Footage -- GrandMaster Crafter (picture): One of the hardest achievements to reach in Wizard101 is the rank of GrandMaster Crafter. After a very long and hard time through crafting, my Storm Character, Mycin StarGem, finally reached the rank of GrandMaster Crafter. He is currently working on getting the supplies for the Celestian Observatory.

Seventh Piece of Footage -- Active Role in Community (picture): As an avid and experienced gamer, I believe that the best way to learn and experience the game is to become an active role in the game's community. While I learn new things about other players and their advenutres, I also get to teach and share my stories as well. I have been blogging solely about Wizard101 for over a year, starting on Wizard101 Central and eventually packing my bags and moving to blogspot. My blog can be found at www.thepyromancersdigest.blogspot.com. I also started a Twitter account that is purely Wizard101, which is @LukeGoldHorn.

Another reason why I consider myself the biggest fan of Wizard101 is because of what I want to do with my future. When I get my degree in Game Design in a few years, I hope to work for KingsIsle, particularly Wizard101 if available. I wish good luck to all the other contestants, and may the biggest fan win! (The song in the video is, "A Day without 101," by The Friendly Necromancer. All rights reserved to The Friendly Necromancer)"

So what do you think? I know some people already read it, as it's been up for some time. It definitely needs some revisions, and I really need to think of more reasons why I'm the biggest fan of Wizard101. I think the whole inspiration for what I wanna do thing though is a biggie. Anyway, what would I do if I won? I was actually thinking of giving it to a friend of mine who wants to try the game out. Either that, giving it to my main account, or making a whole new account for it. I don't know ... what would you guys do?



  1. First off, YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second, that contest is rediculous(ly amazing). I'm not going to enter myself, but, well, I'll be helping someone(s) make his/their entry.

    Lastly, I noticed your goal of joining KI. I, too, am considering going into programming/game design. I know some Basic, and am thinking about leaning C++ and Java. Good luck!


  2. If I were you, I will making a new account for it. But, giving it to your friend is a good idea.