Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome Back

Hello Wizards of the Spiral,

Welcome back to The Pyromancer's Digest! As you can see, I've made a change to the header (same great style, just updated). Now what better to post after two or three months of barely blogging? OF COURSE! Why don't I update you on all my great accomplishments since then?! Haha, sorry, didn't mean to sound snooty, just trying to sound big and tough.

Let's start out with Luke. A lot has gone on with him. He recently completed Celestia, got Efreet, and reach level 60 actually just 24 hours ago! Woo! Go Luke! Legendary Pyromancer! :D I wanna thank everyone for helping him along, especially Ben FrogStone! In case ya don't know him, you can check him out here at his youtube channel. He recently made this amazing video:

He's awesome :) You go Froggy!!!!

Next would come Mycin. He's been preparing for the CL Observatory. He's about half there of getting all the supplies (still a lot of pearls and gold pearls to get, *gulp*) Yeah, he still has a lot to go though.

I have a secret character that I would not like to disclose. I've mentioned his name before, and he is in my banner, but I don't want to mention him much. The reason being, when I had quit, it was nice to be able to play as someone without 50 trillion people whispering to you (ok, exaggeration, but you hopefully get the point). I will call him character X. X got to level 53, finished the Stellarium, and leveled my Fierce Hound to Epic! He now has the following talents:

Pip O' Plenty: Gives +4% Power Pips.

Spritely: Casts a Sprite spell at random (also known as puppy licks :) ).

Death Giver: Gives +5% Death Attack.

Feinting Spell: Gives (1) Feint Card (+70% attack trap to opponent, +30% attack trap to you).

So that is one awesome puppy :)

Diana recently beat DragonSpyre and is just starting Celestia! Awesome job to Diana! :)

And lastly, Valdus has made uber amounts of gold, so he will buy a new crowns house soon.

Thant's really all I have to report. Hopefully next time I post, it will actually be something useful xD. Remember: If you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas; let me know! See ya guys!



  1. Glad to see you posting again! About time. :) Congrats on all the achievements. I have not even started working towards my CL house, despite I've bought the recipes. Been too busy trying to actually level up my characters. I -had- a character, I didn't want anyone to know, but now I don't really care. Since I rarely add anyone on my alts anyway. Unless we are doing leveling together or something. :)

  2. :D I'm froggy