Monday, February 21, 2011

Update On My Game Time

Hey Everyone,

Well, I realize I haven't blogged in a while. I've had a busy weekend; I went to see Big Momma 3 at the movies (hilarious, great movie :D), then I had a MAJOR cleaning day on Saturday, and yesterday not only did I visit my cousin for his birthday, BUT I also got an iPhone 4!!!!! W000000t!!! I was and still am really excited! I had to pay for it, which makes me feel even better for it. While I probably should feel kinda stupid about paying $250 for a phone that's maybe gonna last 2 years, it was a great accomplishment for me; being able to feel like I bought myself something really nice (I usually buy really nice things for other people, like when I bought my sister an $150 GPS for her 17th birthday, and how this year for her birthday I wanna get us concert tickets). And today I might have to babysit my younger step brother. BUSY WEEKENDS!

Anyway, enough about my weekend. Let me get into what I'VE been doing in Wizard101 lately. Over the course of last week, I decided to level my Life alt, Diana GoldHorn. My friend, Blaine StormMender (brother of Wolf IceHunter, the infamous Socko) is leveling up with her! She recently beat Malistare, took care of the Grotto, and is now questing in the Star District. Cool beans! Also, Mycin has been to work crafting his Celestian Observatory! I recently (recently being this morning ;D) collected all of the Fire Blossoms, Acorns, and Aethers needed for the house! W00t! It is now time to hunt for pearls; White, Black, and Gold. I actually got to make THREE of the EIGHT required Star Chalices!

Look at that awesomeness! While I realize I'm a lot farther behind than many other people (hehe, that's an understatement), this was a pretty big accomplishment for me :D. I hope to continue my progress in making the items!

Well, that's really all I have for now. I'll see you guys around!


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  1. I'm way further behind you in my quest to craft the house. I don't have one single item, whether dropped, or crafted! I'm trying...but I'm wanting to level my lower levels first. :/ I have three chars still not even GMs yet.