Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spending A Snow Day In A Tropical Jungle

Hey Everyone,

So I have a snow day today! YAY! Thank you gods of the snow. So last night I was up till midnight EST questing on Diana with Blaine. Boy are they busy bees! Last night they made it all the way to the Stellarium! W00t! Awesome job guys! Then, not to mention, they made it through half way of the Floating Land this morning, due to a tiny bit of help from Valdus GoldHorn! Man, they are working it!

Anyway, while I was questing this morning on a tropical island enjoying the luxuries of a snow day, the jungle got me thinking ... what if the Floating Land wasn't originally like this? What if it was originally part of a bigger ... um ... well, mainland. Do you see where I'm going with this?

If you do, you realize I'm talking new world material. What if this island was originally part of a Mayan jungle mainland with a whole bunch of platypus or platypi, or platypeople, or ... whatever (Awesome Phineas and Ferb reference! ;D). This jungle could be much, much, much, MUCH bigger than the Floating Lands. The commons could look something like a grassy clearing with Mayan temples towering the area. Forest could surround this opening too. They could have beach area, like the Floating Land, jungle areas, cave areas, and even some under water levels. Some dungeons could be ancient crypts, or even areas as well. Imagine seeing a Mummypus! O. O

Now, how would these two places have been separated? Well, it could have been naturally reasons; the magical pulls of the Spiral drifted the part of the mainland further and further away until it became it's own island. Or, it could have been due to evil forces that had an ancient war there. Or, it could have been the Celestians, wanting to observe the platypus natives in fewer numbers. Or it could have been why all lands were separated in the Spiral; the Titan War could have had its toll with this ancient Mayan civilization as well. All of these reasons seem to be pretty cool.

What would such a world be called though? To tell you the honest truth, I'm not the best at coming up with names for my worlds. I mean, Draculainia? You have to admit, that was pretty lame. If you would like me to through something out there, then maybe something like Magyia or Incotopia (Incas, get it?). I don't know, do you guys have any ideas? Readers?

As for any new magics, I don't think there'd be any. However, maybe some new skills, like fishing or something? Or another cool idea would be a skill called Rune Stones or Enchantments. These would be special spells used on your gear that give you certain boosts for certain lengths of time. Or maybe they can add a level for our pets instead of us? I don't know; just spit-balling here.

What are your ideas? I'd love to know!




  1. What I think KI should do is a celestia expansion. More parts of celestia. They could have more islands, with mayan temples, volcanoes, etc. And maybe more underwater caves. Just think of if they had a coral reef area. Or an undersea trench. Also, they could have more pirate ships (like calypso's crashed ship) that didn't crash. They could have them sailing around on the ocean,and oh! House idea!
    -Malorn Ghostrider

  2. Mummypus . . . lol!

    Yeah, I agree, there are tons of things that could be expanded upon in Celestia. It's kind of cool we get to see so many different environments (as opposed to the other worlds outside of Grizzleheim). It just kind of lights the imagination on fire.

  3. @Stingite and @Deni: I think it would be awesome to go on a pirate ship that wasn't sunken and had living people! Or, how about a Pirates of the Carribean-esque type of isalnd (such as Port Republic) full of the pirates in, well, not zombie form.