Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm NOT A Copier!

Hey Everyone,

I can't really post now, but I wanted to say something:

Yeah, those pictures in that video, THEY ARE NOT FROM GOOGLE PICTURES! I keep getting comments on my video saying they are from Google. Really? Are you honestly going to bag my video? Are you that ridiculous? That's low. I would never do that, and my readers know that I am highly against plagiarism. How dare you insult me by saying I took those pictures from somewhere else!

Yeah, sorry, that wasn't directed towards everyone, just the people that think I was some cheap scum-bag stealing pictures. See ya round!



  1. If those pictures are on google, it's because you put them there. :) I know that you can search stuff, and find pictures that I've used in my blog, or hosted on some where, in google. Doesn't mean I'm plagiarizing, just means I uploaded them some where at some point, and they are now able to be found using google image search.

  2. @xinaed Yea, I've video chatted with luke and I've seen them.