Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Stormin' Into Stormriven

Hey Gang,

So last night, Diana and her questing buddy Blaine StormMender, Wolf IceHutner's brother, reached Stormriven! Hooray! Right now they're trying to beat up some Squidwards!

So yesterday I was talking with several people on Twitter, including Christina IceDreamer (@icywiz), Arlen DawnEyes (@arlendawneyes), Alric RavenSinger (@Alricravenwiz), and Paige MoonShade (@paigemoonshade). We were talking about reagents, and I suggested and idea that we should be able to "disencahnt" items, as Christina put it. Turns out, Christina IceDreamer thought of this idea long, long ago in one of her segements of Ravenwood Radio, so this idea has been around, obviously, for a while.

So what is, "disenchanting"? Disenchanting is when you have a reagent, for example, a Gold Pearl, and you break it down into it's componets, in this case, 15 Gold Pearls. Now say you need 108 pieces of Kelp, and you happen to find an Aether. Now, wouldn't it be easier to disenchant this item so you wound up with 15 pieces of Kelp? That would certainly be uber awesome! especialyl with things like Aethers, Golden Pearls, and Sun Stone. What do you guys think about disenchanting?

None of my other characters were really up to much yesterday. Even Mycin wasn't as avid about crafting. It's probably because of all the Sun Stone he needs, and the lack of enemies that drop it (I've heard that the people in the Science Center stopped dropping it, so I've been forced to the bosses in the Chancel :/). I did, however, record my segment for A2Z! I also offically entered my video for the contest, which includes a W101 inspired costume and some updated info! I'm really hoping I win. Chances are, though, I probably wont keep it xD. I'll probably give it to my mom.

Ok, so I gotta get going! I'll see you guys in the Spiral!


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