Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Three Stars Fall Out of the Sky

Hey Gang,

So let's start out with some good news before we get into the kinda depressing news. Shall we begin?

Tonight was awesome in game! Mycin got the chance to farm with John SpiritShade from Ambrose 2 Zeke. Man, he is one awesomesauce Fromage! :D Anywho, on our first two tries, I got the two Celestian Shields I needed! YAY! Thanks so much SpiritShade! Now for some pictures!

Mycin and SpiritShade Facing Off Against CharmTooth...

Did Someone Call for Some Tofu Piggles and a King Parsley Sandwich?!

Mycin's Building Collection of Reagents Needed to Craft the Celestian Observatory...

So yep! That was an awesome time! Thanks John! You can check out his blog up there, where the link is...

So yeah, while we were in Celestia, two shining bright stars fell out of the sky. Well, one had fallen about a week ago, but another followed shortly behind it. These two wizards would be known as Dustin MoonCatcher and David TitanRider. Now, if you know anything about me, you'd know that the three of us are great friends! Dustin has done a lot of stuff for me, including publishing one of my stories on his IRL blog, doing interviews for this blog, etc. David was an extremely fun guy to be around, and he could always crack a joke. Not to mention Leesha who was forced to leave for a while as well. Leesha was really funny; haha, I remember when Valdus dressed up as Leesho, the male form of Leesha, for Halloween!

But due to recently IRL stuff, they both have been encountered with no choice but to quit the game, at least for now. So I purpose, in honor of Dustin, Leesha, and David, that we add them to the Celestian Constellation Collection:

I salute you, great wizards of the Spiral. From now until the end, good luck in ALL of your journies!


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