Saturday, February 26, 2011

Observing the Celestian Observatory

Hey Gang,

So I see my new intro is spreading a bit :) awesome!

Anyway, so Friday night's gaming night was awesome! I went to bed a little earlier than anticipated (about an hour xD) but I figure 3:00 in the morning wasn't so bad ;). Mycin, now after another few crafting sessions, has 2/2 Celestian Shields, 4/4 Celestian Sconces, 3/3 Celestian Tree Sprigs, 6/8 Star Chalices, and 0/7 Crystal Street Lamps. My next two items that I craft will be the last two Star Chalices, and then it's to the Street Lamps! I can't believe I'm almost done really. My next objective after completing this will be the Watchtower Hall. When I last looked at the recipe, the only thing I could do was this: "O. O".

Yeah, but I've definitely come a long way while collecting these reagents. I've grasped an understanding of how hard it is to craft an awesome item. It's really enlightened me, and I think I'm going to try to craft more things, such as the level 55 (or 60, I forget) decks that you can get from the Floating Lands. And I must thank Paige MoonShade; she had a post up on her blog that inspired me even more to craft this Celestian Observatory. She's really awesome.

Now, I would list some tips on collecting these reagents necessary for the Observatory, but I'm saving that for my next segment on the Ambrose 2 Zeke podcast! So stay tunned for when that's gonna release.

Ok, I really wish I could stay and jabber some more, but I gotta go do some house cleaning IRL. I'll see you guys!


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