Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's the Deal

Hi Everyone,

So, everyone keeps telling me they miss my blog posts. I didn't know they impacted so many people in so many different ways. People keep asking me to blog, and well ... I don't know. I don't mean to sound egotistical, cause trust me, my blog is horrible. I don't know why some people like it. There are so many people with better blogs than my own; The Wandering Conjurer, Mythspent Youth, Two Headed Wizard, The Friendly Necromancer, The ShadowThistle School of Wizardry; all of them, much much better than mine.

So, here's what I purpose:

We'll see how many people want me to blog again. If the number is significant enough, I'll break my promise entirely and start blogging regularly. If the numbers are tied or not big enough, well, I keep my promise. Deal?

Over to the right you'll find a poll. I'll tally the votes soon.

I mean, on one hand, blogging was something I loved to do. But on the other hand, a promise is a promise, and if I break it, well ... I'm afraid people wont take what I say seriously. Do you see where I'm coming from? Anyway, good luck.



  1. Horrible? o_o. Honestly, most of us would love for you to break your promise. 1 blog does a lot. If you love blogging, DO IT. :D

  2. Luke, as a long time reader, I've really enjoyed your blog, and would love to have you back. And, we take your blog seriously, and you wanting to return to the blogosphere.