Friday, February 25, 2011

Tonight's Gonna Be A Game Night!

Hey Gang,

So I like saying "Hey Gang" better ... feels more homey /shrug. Tell me if you like it or not xD.

Sorry, that was kinda random. Anyway, I need a BIG gaming night! The Celestian Observatory should be coming out any day now, and I'm barley half way through crafting all the stuff! Some good nes is, I have 4 out of 4 of the Celestian Scones! W00t! Now to only get 5 more Star Chalices and to start crafting the Crystal Street Lamps and the Tree Sprigs. I feel like those last items are going to be the hardest to craft; the chalices require sunstone as well as the lamps, and the sprigs require a LOT of Gold Pearls! *quivers*

SO, I'm designating tonight as mega uber gaming night! W00t! Do you need gold or sunstone? WELL GUESS WHAT?! I DO TOO! If you'd like to farm with me tonight, by all means, leave a comment stating the time, realm, and area, or you could always find me on Twitter! I mainly looking to farm the Trial of the Spheres and some Aqua Bots in the Science Center. The Gold Pearls I need will just have to be obtained solo; I'm thinking runs for those @ around 12 A.M. EST and again @ 2 A.M.

But yeah; I could always use some extra help! Feel free to join me! Like I said, the best way to contact me would probably be by Twitter. I'll see you guys in the Spiral!


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  1. Hi! I will farm happily if you could add me to your friend list! I am Evan Liontamer level 27 Pyromancer, like you! Please don't underestimate me, I am still a good warrior. Remember, much power can be packed into a young wizard. I can heal, and will be, if I can, on Vampire, Area 1, right next to that statue in the lake in the Commons. I will be on at 5:00 (if I can.) Bye!