Thursday, February 17, 2011

The REAL Post For Today!

Hey Everyone,

So, sorry about that last post. Think of it more as a note to people who had doubts that I wasn't playing by the rules (and some of my readers did an awesome job explaining that the picture may have wound up the via something I posted).

So what's today's real topic? Today I wanna go over a post that The Friendly Necromancer posted! :D He's awesome, that guy! I really admire any parent that plays W101, or any video games for that matter! Imma try to persuade my friend to play tomorrow...

Anywho, the post was about this idea of "reincarnation" or "invigoration". The idea was that you could have a choice to re-level your character (also possibly costing extra money). However, the catch is that you can get more training points, redo the looks of your character, change your school, get special spells available only to these wizards, etc. So I tells Friendly, I says, "I'll write about my views on the post." And he says, "Awesome!" So, here we are.

What do I think?????

Well, I don't like the terms "invigorate" or "reincarnate". I think it would be pretty cool if they introduced it like this:

Merle Ambrose thinks that Malistare (or Morganthe, or whomever you'd like to insert) might be coming back with more evil plans (yes, Morganthe would have to be dead for this to work out). he offers to cast a time warping spell, sending you back to the past to see if there are any clues of his/her return. Now, what do I keep if I accept this quest? I get to keep all my items (including house, items in house, gear, pets, areas bought with crowns, etc.) I currently own. However, I loose my level and all current spells (well, except for the starter spells from your starter school).

Everything else would be subject to change; your face, hair, colors of robe, your school, your training point route; all much different (or the same if you'd like it to be that way)! Now, the past Ambrose actually knows of the future Ambrose's plan, and offers to teach you a few new spells here and there. This could possibly introduce the Temporal School! You would learn Temporal Spells from Ambrose along your journey. Also, Ambrose might call you over to his office for some new quests (that weren't in the original story line) that could involve you being your pet, getting a new Temporal spell; all exciting new stuff!

Then the next world would focus on the world of the temporal schools, were you finally complete your journey! Here you see Malistare (or Morganthe) do some evil wicked thing and a new villain is born! Idk, maybe the Friendly Necromancer can take this a step further? I think that would be a pretty cool sneak peek type of quest line for the NEXT story arch, don't you?

The badge you would get from this would be called, "Time Buster" or something along those lines. Maybe something cooler like, "Precursor [Insert School Here]". There would also be other changes; more training points, harder to obtain xp; stuffs like that, ya know?

Anyway, I need to make like a banana and split! I'll see ya!


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